In alpha synchrony training the objective is to enhance the quality of awareness and to enlarge our repertoire of modes of attention. The brain is cued toward calm states even while the person maintains a fully alert and attentive state.

Coherence applies to brain waves that maintain a consistent relationship with each other. Phase synchrony applies to a particular kind of coherence, one in which brain waves of a specific frequency peak and trough at the same time. When they peak and trough perfectly in time they are said to be phase synchronous. Brain synchrony can be trained locally at one site, or globally over the whole head.

In his work, Les Fehmi has specialized in training people to produce whole head phase synchronous alpha, and alternately whole head phase asynchronous alpha, using a special instrument of his design that signals phase synchrony in the way described above. Along with Open Focus training, an attention technique that also encourages the brain to move toward whole head phase synchrony, neurofeedback synchrony training has proven to be valuable as a neurological normalizing tool.

Synchrony training helps the brain to return to a non-biased and flexible state, relaxed and yet ready to move in any direction as may be required.
In this zero bias state, people report feelings of oneness and intimacy, a reduction of stress symptoms and an increase in peak performance skills.
The value of off training, or asynchrony training, is to promote brain wave flexibility. By alternately training whole head synchrony and asynchrony, the brain learns to shift easily into both synchrony and asynchrony, avoiding any rigidity.

Whereas the infra-low frequency training emphasizes the connection between arousal level regulation and affect regulation, the synchrony training emphasizes the connection between arousal regulation and attention. Synchrony training enhances and broadens our attentional capacities.