Human Networks

Neural networks include various real and semi virtual ones including retina, optic-nerve-olfactory epithelium and the 3 major brain networks, Salience (controller) and Task Positive/Resting State anti-correlated networks

Brain/Network evolution

Stupid Brain Networks & Maturation

Our Stupid Brain

Getting back to Porges let me finish by reporting his summary of the impacts of poor nucleus Ambiguus development. He writes that without a sufficiently developed vagus it is difficult to regulate behavioral state and to use the features of the social engagement system (i.e. fascial expression, vocal prosody) for social learning/bonding.

Let me add that this theory conflicts with the bio-chemical (Big Pharma) view and so is not getting the exposure and follow on research it deserves except with the neuromodulation world. This is important because Porges gives scientific detail underlying developmental issues like epilepsy, autism, OCD, ADD/ADHD, etc. which neuromodulation therapies are now healing and Big Pharma struggling with.

Dysregulation of cerebral neural networks is the underpinning of many mental health and human development problems. The dysregulation model is a reframing of the neurochemical based behavioral and phenomenological partioning. The dysregulation model crosses many existing boundaries that neurofeedback practioners say do not line up with any biologically based organizational schema......the neurochemical model reflects an out of date paradigm

Back to the music metaphor

Alpha = rhythm section of a band - PTSD = repression of Alpha = loss of timing - Disorganized Arousal

Anxiety, insomnia or headache disorders - Sopranos are singing too high or too shrill - Betas Over arousal/Unstable

Depression - Unbalanced tenors in the front of the brain - Alpha Under arousal